Maine is a U.S. state in the New Ingland region o the northeastren Unitit States. Maine is the 12t smawest bi aurie, the 9t least populous, an the 38t maist densely populatit o the 50 U.S. states. It is mairchit bi New Hampshire tae the west, the Atlantic Ocean tae the sootheast, an the Canadian provinces o New Brunswick an Quebec tae the northeast an northwast respectively. Maine is the eastrenmaist state in the contiguous Unitit States, an the northrenmaist east o the Great Lochs. It is kent for its jaggit, rocky coastline; law, rowin muntains; hivily forestit interior; an picturesque watterweys, as weel as its seafuid cuisine, especially lapster an clams. Thare is a humid continental climate ootthrou the state, even in coastal auries sic as its maist populous ceety o Portland.[5] The caipital is Augusta.

KintraUnitit States
Afore stateheidDistrict o Maine (Massachusetts)
Admittit tae the UnionMairch 15, 1820 (23rd)
Lairgest ceetyPortland
Lairgest metroPortland-South Portland-Biddeford
 • GovrenorJanet Mills (D)
 • Preses o the SenateTroy Jackson (D)[1]
LegislaturMaine Legislatur
 • Upper hooseSenate
 • Lawer hooseHoose o Representatives
U.S. senatorsSusan Collins (R)
Angus King (I)
U.S. Hoose delegationChellie Pingree (D)
Jared Golden (D) (leet)
 • Total1,329,328 (2,015 est)[2]
 • Density16.6/km2 (43.0/sq mi)
 • Median hooseaud income
 • Income rank
 • Offeecial leidNone[4]
 • Spoken leidInglis (92%), French (5%), Ither (3%)
Latitude42° 58′ N tae 47° 28′ N
Longitude66° 57′ W tae 71° 5′ W

For thoosands o years, indigenous fowks war the anerly indwallers o the territory that is nou Maine. At the time o European arrival in whit is nou Maine, several Algonquian-speakin fowks inhabitit the aurie. The first European settlement in the aurie wis bi the French in 1604 on Saint Croix Island, bi Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons. The first Inglis settlement wis the short-lived Popham Colony, established bi the Plymouth Company in 1607. A nummer o Inglis settlements war established alang the coast o Maine in the 1620s, awtho the rugged climate, deprivations, an conflict wi the local fowks caused mony tae fail ower the years.

As Maine entered the 18t century, anerly a hauf dizzen European settlements haed survived. Lealist an Patriot forces contendit for Maine's territory in the American Revolution an the War o 1812. At the close o the War o 1812, it wis occupied bi Breetish forces, but the territory o Maine wis returned tae the Unitit States as pairt o a peace treaty that wis tae include dedicatit laund on the Michigan peninsula for Hamespun American fowks. Maine wis pairt o the Commonweel o Massachusetts till 1820, whan it votit tae secede frae Massachusetts tae acome a separate state. On 15 Mairch 1820, unner the Missouri Compromise, it wis admittit tae the Union as the 23rd state.

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