Lewis Grassic Gibbon

Lewis Grassic Gibbon (13t Februar 1901 - 7t Februar 1935), born James Leslie Mitchell wis a Scots owthor.[1]

Lewis Grassic Gibbon
Lewis Grassic Gibbon
BornJames Leslie Mitchell
13 Febuar 1901
Dee'd7 Februar 1935
Notable wirk(s)Sunset Song part of A Scots Quair

Born an fesst up in Aiberdeenshire, he stairtit wirkin as a jurnalist fur the Aberdeen Journal an the Scottish Farmer at the age o 16. In 1920 he listit wi the Ryal Air Force, wirkin as a clark an spendin some time in the Middle Aest. In 1928 he quat the RAF an stairtit tae write fou-time. He wrat monie beuks an shorter warks baith unner his rael name an his nom de plume afore his airlie daith in 1935.[1]

Altho no recogneised in the owthor's lifetime, his trilogy A Scots Quair,[2] an in parteicular its first beuk Sunset Song[3] is conseidert tae be amang the definin warks o the 20t century Scots Renaissance.[4][5]

The leid he wrate in wis Inglis; the dialogue o his chairacters is meant tae be read as Scots, but is written in an Inglis-like kin o wey for tae mak readin mair eith for Inglis readers. For example, Grassic Gibbon wad write braw as "brave", an siller as "silver".[6]

His beuk Sunset Song his bin translatit intae Spainish, Pols, Czech, Japanese an Roushie amang mony mair leids.[7]

The Grassic Gibbon Centre wis estaiblisht in Arbuthnott in 1991 for tae commemorate the owthor's life an his the fairmaist collect o his warks an memorabilia, gien bi his son.[8][9]

In 2016 Sunset Song wis votit Scotland's favourite novelle in the BBC Love to Read public vote, afore J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter beuks, Iain Banks's The Wasp Factory nor ither weel-kent novelles ower mony ages.[10] A faitur airticle on the novelle wis screived bi Nicola Sturgeon, wha eeditet a new edition.[11][12] Sunset Song had bin pit oot oan TV bi BBC Scotland in 1971,1982 and 1983[13] wi Vivien Heilbron as 'Chris Guthrie', an a new pictur wi Agyness Deyn as Chris, directit bi Terence Davies, wis pit oot in 2016.[14][15]

Grassic Gibbon Centre, Artbuthnott

List o warks

  • Hanno: or the Future of Exploration (1928)[16]
  • Stained Radiance: A Fictionist's Prelude (1930)[17]
  • The Thirteenth Disciple (1931)[18]
  • The Calends of Cairo (1931)[19]
  • Three Go Back (1932)[20]
  • The Lost Trumpet (1932)[21]
  • Sunset Song (1932),[3] the first beuk o the trilogy A Scots Quair[2][22]
  • Persian Dawns, Egyptian Nights (1932)[23]
  • Image and Superscription (1933)[24]
  • Cloud Howe (1933),[25] the saicont beuk o the trilogy A Scots Quair[2]
  • Spartacus (1933)[26]
  • Niger: The Life of Mungo Park (1934)[27]
  • The Conquest of the Maya (1934)[28]
  • Gay Hunter (1934)[29]
  • Scottish Scene (1934), wi Hugh MacDiarmid[30]
  • Grey Granite (1934),[31] the thrid beuk o the trilogy A Scots Quair[2]
  • Nine Against the Unknown (1934)[32]
  • The Speak of the Mearns (1982),[33] furthset efter his daith

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