Leids o the Unitit Kinrick

The Unitit Kinrick daesna hae a constitutionally defined offeecial leid. Inglis is the main leid (bein spoken monolingually bi mair nor 95% o the UK population) an sae is the de facto offeecial leid.

List o the leids o the Breetish IslesEedit

The Breetish Isles haes 12 native leids o which 2 hae been revived in the last 100 years, Cornish & Manx. There are the celtic leids o Wales, Ireland & Scotland alang wi the Romance langages o the Chainel Islands.

Germanic LeidsEedit

Celtic LeidsEedit

Romance LeidsEedit

Thare are 4 extinct leids o the Breetish Isles an aw;