Leicestershire (Listeni/ˈlɛstəʃɪər/ or /ˈlɛstərʃər/; abbreviation Leics.) is a landlockit coonty in the Inglis Midlands. It takes its name frae the Ceety o Leicester, traditionally its admeenistrative centre, although the Ceety o Leicester unitary authority is the day admeenistered separately frae the rest o Leicestershire. The coonty borders Derbyshire tae the north-wast, Nottinghamshire tae the north, Rutland tae the east, Warwickshire tae the sooth-wast, Staffordshire tae the wast, Lincolnshire tae the north-east, an Northamptonshire tae the sooth-east. The border wi Warwickshire is Watling Street (the A5).


Motto: For'ard, For'ard

Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Constituent kintraIngland
RegionEast Midlands
Ceremonial coonty
Area[convert: needs a number]
 • Rankit o 48
 • Rankit o 48
Density[convert: needs a number]
Ethnicity85.0% White
11.9% S.Asian
1.2% Black British
1.5% Mixed Race
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (UTC)
 • Simmer (DST)Breetish Simmer Time (UTC+1)
Districts in the Ceremonial Coonty o Leicestershire



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