Lincolnshire (/ˈlɪŋkənʃər/ or /ˈlɪŋkənʃɪər/; abbreviated Lincs) is an coonty in the east o Ingland. The coonty toun is Lincoln, whare the coonty cooncil haes its heidquairters.

Motto: Land and God

Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Constituent kintraIngland
RegionEast Midlands
Yorkshire an the Humber (North Lincolnshire &
North East Lincolnshire)
Ceremonial coonty
Area[convert: needs a number]
 • Rankit o 48
 • Rankit o 48
Density[convert: needs a number]
Ethnicity98.5% White
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (UTC)
 • Simmer (DST)Breetish Simmer Time (UTC+1)

The ceremonial coonty o Lincolnshire is componed o the non-metropolitan coonty o Lincolnshire an the aurie covered bi the unitary authorities o North Lincolnshire an North-East Lincolnshire. Therefore, pairt o the ceremonial coonty is in the Yorkshire an the Humber region, an pairt is in the East Midlands region. The coonty is the seicont lairgest o the Inglis coonties an ane that is predominantly agricultural in land uise. The coonty can be broken doun intae a nummer o geographical sub-regions includin: the Lincolnshire Fens (sooth-east Lincolnshire), the Carrs (seemilar tae the Fens but in north Lincolnshire), the rollin hills o the Lincolnshire Wolds, the industrial Humber Estuary an North Sea coast aroond Grimsby an Scunthorpe an the aurie o limstane hills in the sooth-wast o the coonty in South Kesteven.



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