Scots monarchs

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This is a leet o the Keengs an Queens o Scots (Earlier kent as King of Scottis an Queyne of Scottis in aulder Scots leid)[1]. This leet gaes frae 843 tae whan Ingland an Scotland jyned thegether in 1707. Earlier keengs > Leest o pechtish keengs

Scots monarchs ur' tradationally coonted' fi 837/843 but it wisnae until Constantine II/Causantin III became keeng o Alba that Scots monarchs begin. This leet starts in 843 when Kenneth MacAlpin founded the keengdom o' Scone.

Hous o AlpinEedit

Hous o DunkeldEedit

Airms o the Keeng o Scots: Or a lion rampant athin a dooble tressure flory conterflory gules

First Interregnum 1290–1292Eedit

Gairdians o Scotland

Hous o BalliolEedit

Seicont Interregnum 1296–1306Eedit

Gairdians o Scotland

Hous o BruceEedit

Hous o BalliolEedit

Hous o Stewart (Stuart)Eedit

In 1707, Ingland an Scotland jyned thegether. For Keengs an Queens efter 1707, see Breetish monarchs.