John Balliol

John Balliol (Norman French: Johan de Bailliol, Middle Scots: Jhon Ballioun;[1][2] c. 1249 – 25 November 1314), kent as Toom Tabard (Scots for "empty coat"), wis Keeng o Scots frae 1292 tae 1296. Little is kent o his early life. Efter the daith o Margaret, Maid o Norawa, Scotland entered an interregnum in that several competitors for the Croun o Scotland put forwart claims. Balliol wis chuisen frae amang them as the new King o Scotland bi a group o selectit noblemen heidit bi King Edward I o Ingland. Edward uised his influence ower the process tae subjugate Scotland an undermined Balliol's personal ring bi treatin Scotland as a vassal o Ingland. Edward's influence in Scots affairs taintit Balliol's ring an the Scots nobility deponed him an appyntit a cooncil o twal tae rule insteid. This cooncil signed a treaty wi Fraunce kent as the Auld Alliance.

John Balliol
John Balliol.jpg
Keeng John, his croun an sceptre symbolically broken as depictit in the 1562 Forman Armorial, produced for Mary, Queen o Scots.
Keeng o Scots
Ring17 November 1292 – 10 Julie 1296
Coronation30 November 1292, Scone
PredecessorMargaret (disputed)
SuccessorRobert I
Bornc. 1249
Dee'd25 November 1314
Picardy, prob. Hélicourt
Buirialprob. Hélicourt
SpouseIsabella de Warenne
IssueEdward Balliol
HooseHoose o Balliol
FaitherJohn I de Balliol
MitherDevorguilla o Gallowa
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

In retaliation, Edward invadit Scotland, stairtin the Wars o Scots Unthirldom. Efter a Scots defeat in 1296, Balliol abdicatit an wis impreesoned in the Touer o Lunnon. Eventually, Balliol wis sent tae Fraunce, an retired intae obscurity, takkin na mair place in politics. Scotland wis then left withoot a monarch till Robert the Bruce ascendit in 1306. John Balliol's son Edward Balliol wad later exert a claim tae the Scots throne against the Bruce claim in the minority o Robert's son David.