Wars o Scots Unthirldom

The Scots wars o Unthirldom wis wars focht atween the Kinrick o Scotland an the Kinrick o Ingland ower the unthirldom o Scotland in the late 13t an early 14t centuries.[1] There wis twa wars: the first fae 1296 til 1328 (that wis by wi the Treaty o Embra) an the saicont fae 1332 til 1357(that wis by wi the Treaty o Berwick).[2]

First war eedit

The First War (1296–1328) wis precedit bi the regence o Scotland whan the bairn queen, Margaret o Norrowa, dee'd on her wey tae Scotland. There wis three pretenders fur the throne efter her daith an it wis ane o thaim, John Balliol, that got the throne but Edward o Ingland saw Scotland as his. It stairtit wi the Inglis invasion o Scotland in 1296, an endit wi the signin o the Treaty o Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328.[3]

William Wallace wis a important feegur in the first war, winnin important battles, lik the Battle o Stirlin Brig. Wallace wis begowkit fae the Earl o Monteith an Edward o Ingland haed Wallace beheidit fur his participation in the rebellion.[4] Edward propined Monteith wi land, the loch on it's the anerly the 'lake' in Scotland;t he ithers is cried lochs.

Later, it wis Robert the Bruce that led the unthirldom airmies, winnin at the Battle o Bannockburn in 1314.[5] The peace treaty wisnae signed til fowerteen year later tho.

Saicont war eedit

The Seicont War (1332–1357) began wi the Inglis-supportit invasion bi Edward Balliol an the "Disinheritit" in 1332, an endit in 1357 wi the signin o the Treaty o Berwick.[6] The wars wis pairt o a great naitional crisis for Scotland an the period became ane o the maist definin times in the naition's history. At the end o baith wars, Scotland retained its status as an independent naition. The wars wis important for ither raisons, lik the emergence o the langbow as a key wappen in medieval warfare.

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