William Wallace

Sir William Wallace (born aroond 127223 August 1305) wis the leader o the Scots airmy agin the Inglis for the first pairt o the Scots Weirs for Unthirldom an wis the Gairdian o Scotland frae 1297 til 1298.[1] Wallace wis born in Elderslie, Renfrewshire an wis eddicatit at some time in his early years at the High Schuil o Dundee.[2] Some soorces suggest his faither wis cawed Malcolm an ithers say his faither's name wis Alan. Wallace is thocht tae hae haed twa brithers whas names war John an Malcom.[3][4]

Wallace Moniment naur Stirlin.

He led the Scots airmy in the Battle o Stirlin Brig an the Battle o Fawkirk.[5] He wis begowkit then executit by the Inglis laird King Edward I. Sir William Wallace wis kilt by hanging, drawing, an quarterin.[6]

William Wallace statue, Aiberdeen.


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