River Clyde

The Watter o Clyde (Scots Gaelic: Abhainn Chluaidh) is a major river in Scotland. It is the aicht langest river in the Unitit Kinrick, an the thrid langest in Scotland. It flowes throu the ceety o Glesca an oot intae the Firth o Clyde an the Atlantic Ocean ayont. The Clyde wis a gey important river for shipbiggin an trokin for the Breetish Empire.

River Clyde
The River Clyde at Glesga's Broomielaw
Kintra Scotland
Coonties Sooth Lanrikshire, Argyll, Ayrshire
Ceeties Lanark, Glesga, Bothwell, Greenock
Laundmerks Falls o Clyde (watterfaws), Bothwell Castle, Firth o Clyde
Soorce Lowther Hills in Sooth Lanrikshire
 - coordinates 55°24′23.8″N 3°39′8.9″W / 55.406611°N 3.652472°W / 55.406611; -3.652472
Mooth Firth o Clyde
 - coordinates 55°40′46.3″N 4°58′16.7″W / 55.679528°N 4.971306°W / 55.679528; -4.971306Coordinates: 55°40′46.3″N 4°58′16.7″W / 55.679528°N 4.971306°W / 55.679528; -4.971306
Lenth 176 km (109 mi)
Basin 4,000 km2 (1,544 sq mi)