The Firth o Clyde is a mukkil bodie o coastal wattir (a firth) on the wast coast o Scotland. It is beildit frae the Atlantic Ocean (til the wast) bi the Kintyre hauf-iland.

Cairt o the Firth o Clyde
The Upper Firth o Clyde
Luikin frae the mainland ower til Wee Cumbrae (foregrund) an Arran (on the easins)

At its ooter mairch it is aboot 26 mile (42 km) wyd. At the northren end it brainches-af intil monie voes (lang, nairrae inlats)—thir includes Loch Fyne, Loch Goil, Loch Long an Loch Gare. Ilands in the firth include (frae mukkilest ti wee-est) the Isle o Arran, the Isle o Bute, Gret Cumbrae, Wee Cumbrae, Inchmarnock, Haly Island, Ailsa Craig an Sanda. The bit o the firth atwein Arran an Kintyre is kent as the Kilbrannan Soond.

Thar is nae greement anent whether the estuarie o the River Clyde is pairt o the firth. In Scots Gaelic the mair nairrae landward end is kent as Linne Chluaidh (meinin the same as the Scots) an the mair braid bit til the sooth o thon is kent as Linne Ghlas.

Touns on the shoreline

On the Scots mainland
On Kintyre an the ilands



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