Scots monarchs

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(Reguidit frae Keeng o Scots)

This is a leet o the Kings an Queens o Scots (Earlier kent as King of Scottis an Queyne of Scottis in aulder Scots leid[1]). Scots monarchs ur tradationally coonted fi 837/843 but it wisnae until Constantine II/Causantin III became king o Alba that Scots monarchs begin. This leet starts in 843 when Kenneth MacAlpin founded the kingdom o' Scone, an gaes tae whan Ingland an Scotland jyned thegither in 1707. For earlier kings, see leest o pechtish kings.

Hous o AlpinEedit

Hous o DunkeldEedit

Hous o MorayEedit

Hous o DunkeldEedit

Airms o the King o Scots: Or a lion rampant athin a dooble tressure flory conterflory gules

First Interregnum 1290–1292Eedit

Gairdians o Scotland

Hous o BalliolEedit

Seicont Interregnum 1296–1306Eedit

Gairdians o Scotland

Hous o BruceEedit

Hous o BalliolEedit

  • Edward Balliol (1329–1363), King atween three saissons fi 1332 ti 1336.

Hous o Stewart (Stuart)Eedit

In 1707, Ingland an Scotland jyned thegither. For Kings an Queens efter 1707, see Breetish monarchs.


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