Malcolm II o Scotland

Malcolm (Gaelic: Máel Coluim; c. 954 - 25 November 1034)[1] wis King o the Scots frae 1005 till his daith.[2] He wis a son o King Kenneth II; the Prophecy o Berchán says that his mither wis a wumman o Leinster an refers tae him as Forranach, "the Destroyer".[3]

Malcolm II
King o Scots
PredecessorKenneth III
SuccessorDuncan I
Bornc. 954
Dee'd(1034-11-25)25 November 1034
FaitherKenneth II

Tae the Erse annals which recordit his daith, Malcolm wis ard Alban, Heich King o Scotland. In the same wey that Brian Boru, Heich King o Ireland, wis no the anerly king in Ireland, Malcolm wis ane o several kings athin the geographical boondars o modren Scotland: his fellae kings includit the king o Strathclyde, who ruled muckle o the sooth-wast, various Norse-Gael kings on the wastren coast an the Hebrides an, nearest an maist dangerous rivals, the kings or Mormaers o Moray. Tae the sooth, in the Kinrick o Ingland, the Yerls o Bernicie an Northumbrie, whase predecessors as kings o Northumbrie haed ance ruled maist o soothren Scotland, still controlled lairge pairts o the sootheast.[4]


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