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The Kinrick o Italy (Italian: Regno d'Italia) wis a state foondit in 1861 when Keeng Victor Emmanuel II o Sardinie wis proclaimed Keeng o Italy. The state wis foondit as a result o the unification o Italy unner the influence o the Kinrick o Sardinie, which wis its legal predecessor state. It existit till 1946 when the Italians optit for a republican constitution.

Kinrick o Italy
Regno d'Italia
Banner o Italy
Ryal Coat o arms
Motto: "FERT"
Anthem: "Marcia Reale d'Ordinanza"
"Royal March of Ordinance"¹
Territories an colonies o the Kinrick o Italy in 1941. *   Kinrick o Italy *   Italian colonies an possessions *   Italian occupied territory an pertectorates
Territories an colonies o the Kinrick o Italy in 1941.
Caipital Turin
Common leids Italian
Releegion Roman Catholic
Govrenment Constitutional monarchy,
Unitary representative democracy
(1861–1926, 1943–1946)
Fascist single-pairty state
• 1861–1878
Victor Emmanuel II
• 1878–1900
Umberto I
• 1900–1946
Victor Emmanuel III
• 1946
Umberto II
Prime Meenister  
• 1861
Camillo Benso (first)
• 1922–1943
Benito Mussolini
(Il Duce frae 1925)
• 1945–1946
Alcide De Gasperi (last)
Legislatur Parliament
Chamber o Deputies,
Chamber o Fasci an Corporations (1939–1943)
November 10, 1859
Mairch 17 1861
September 20, 1870
November 4, 1918
October 28, 1922
Aprile 25, 1945
Juin 2 1946
1936 (metro) 310,196 km2 (119,767 sq mi)
• 1861
• 1911
• 1936 (metro)
Currency Lira
ISO 3166 code IT
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Kinrick o Sardinia
Kinricl o Lombardy–Venetia
Unitit Provinces o Central Italy
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1: Unofficial anthem "Giovinezza" ("The Youth") 1922–1943[1]


  1. Italy 1922–1943