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The Chamber o Deputies (Italian: Camera dei Deputati) is a hoose o the bicameral Pairlament o Italy (the ither bein the Senate o the Republic). The twa hooses thegither furm a perfect bicameral seestem, meanin thay perform identical functions, but dae so separately. Pursuant tae airticle 56 the Italian Constitution, the Chamber o Deputies haes 630 seats, o which 618 are electit frae Italian constituencies, an 12 frae Italian ceetizens livin abroad. Deputies meet in the Palazzo Montecitorio.

Chamber o Deputies
Camera dei Deputati
Lawer hoose o the Parliament o Italy
Preses o the Chamber
Laura Boldrini, Left Ecology Freedom
Syne 16 Mairch 2013
Seats 630
Italian Chamber of Deputies, 2013.svg
Poleetical groups

     Govrenment (453)

  •      PD 297
  •      PdL 98
  •      SC 39
  •      UDC 8
  •      CD 6
  •      SVP 5

Opposeetion Pairties

  •      M5S 109
  •      SEL 37
  •      LN 18
  •      FdI 9
  •      MAIE 2
  •      USEI 1
  •      SA 1
Pairty-leet proportional
Last election
24–25 Februar 2013
Meeting place
Montecitorio interior 01.jpg
Palazzo Montecitorio, Roum