Holguín Province

Holguín is ane o the provinces o Cuba, the third maist populous efter Ciudad de la Habana an Santiago de Cuba. It lees in the northeast o the kintra. Its major ceeties include Holguín (the caipital), Banes, Antilla, Mayarí, an Moa.

Holguín Province
Holguin in Cuba.svg
 • Total9209.71 km2 (3,555.89 sq mi)
 • Total1,037,161
 • Density110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-024

The province haes a population o slichtly ower ane million fowk. Its territory exceeds 9,300 km2 (3,600 sq mi), 25 percent o which are covered bi forest.


Statue o Christopher Columbus near Guardalavaca

Christopher Columbus landit in what is believed tae hae been the day's Holguín province on October 27, 1492. He declared that it wis "the maist bonnie kintra human eyes haed iver seen".

The Holguín province wis established in 1978, when it wis split frae the Oriente region.


Lik hintle o Cuba, Holguín's economy is based aroond succarcane, tho ither crops such as corn an coffee, as well as minin, are an aw muckle earners for the province.

A muckle cobalt processin plant wi shippin facilities wis biggit at Moa, uisin foreign investment, hintle o it frae Canadae. Chromium, nickel, iron an steel plants dot the province as well.

Tourism haes anerlie recently begun tae be developed, afferin beach resorts in the ootskirts o the region, wi a nummer o hotels aroond the Guardalavaca aurie, Playa Pesquero, an Cayo Saetia. The Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere Reserve Sierra Cristal Naitional Pairk an Alejandro de Humboldt National Park are pairtly locatit in the province.


Holguín is dividit intae 14 municipalities:

Municipality Population
Location Remarks
Antilla 12,222 100 20°50′55″N 75°45′9″W / 20.84861°N 75.75250°W / 20.84861; -75.75250 (Antilla)
Báguanos 52,854 806 20°45′47″N 76°01′46″W / 20.76306°N 76.02944°W / 20.76306; -76.02944 (Báguanos)
Banes 81,274 781 20°58′12″N 75°42′41″W / 20.97000°N 75.71139°W / 20.97000; -75.71139 (Banes)
Cacocum 42,623 661 20°44′38″N 76°19′27″W / 20.74389°N 76.32417°W / 20.74389; -76.32417 (Cacocum)
Calixto García 57,867 617 20°51′15″N 76°36′7″W / 20.85417°N 76.60194°W / 20.85417; -76.60194 (Calixto Garcia) Buenaventura
Cueto 34,503 326 20°38′54″N 75°55′54″W / 20.64833°N 75.93167°W / 20.64833; -75.93167 (Cueto)
Frank País 25,621 510 20°39′53″N 75°16′53″W / 20.66472°N 75.28139°W / 20.66472; -75.28139 (Frank País) Cayo Mambí
Gibara 72,810 630 21°06′26″N 76°08′12″W / 21.10722°N 76.13667°W / 21.10722; -76.13667 (Gibara)
Holguín 326,740 666 20°53′20″N 76°15′26″W / 20.88889°N 76.25722°W / 20.88889; -76.25722 (Holguín) Provincial Caipital
Mayarí 105,505 1,307 20°39′34″N 75°40′40″W / 20.65944°N 75.67778°W / 20.65944; -75.67778 (Mayarí)
Moa 71,079 730 20°38′24″N 74°55′3″W / 20.64000°N 74.91750°W / 20.64000; -74.91750 (Moa)
Rafael Freyre 50,080 620 21°01′42″N 75°59′47″W / 21.02833°N 75.99639°W / 21.02833; -75.99639 (Rafael Freyre)
Sagua de Tánamo 52,013 704 20°35′10″N 75°14′30″W / 20.58611°N 75.24167°W / 20.58611; -75.24167 (Sagua de Tánamo)
Urbano Noris 43,892 846 20°36′5″N 76°07′57″W / 20.60139°N 76.13250°W / 20.60139; -76.13250 (Urbano Noris)
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Source: Population frae 2004 Census.[2] Area from 1976 municipal re-distribution.[3]


In 2004, the province o Holguin haed a population o 1,029,083.[2] Wi a tot aurie o 9,292.83 km2 (3,587.98 sq mi),[4] the province haed a population density o 110.7 /km2 (287 /sq mi).

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