Santiago de Cuba Province

Santiago de Cuba Province is the seicont maist populatit province in the island o Cuba. The mucklest ceety Santiago de Cuba is the main admeenistrative center. Ither muckle ceeties include Palma Soriano, Contramaestre, Mayarí Arriba, San Luis an Songo-la Maya.

Santiago de Cuba Province
CaipitalSantiago de Cuba
 • Total6234.16 km2 (2,407.02 sq mi)
 • Total1,047,015
 • Density170/km2 (430/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-226



Santiago de Cuba province haes been the steid o mony battles, baith durin the war for unthirlrdom an the 1959 Cuban Revolution, whaur hintle o the guerrilla fechtin teuk place in the muntainous province.

Prior tae 1976, Cuba wis dividit intae sax historical provinces. Ane o thir wis Oriente province, which wis, prior tae 1905, kent as Santiago de Cuba province. The present day province comprises the sooth-central region o Oriente.



The province is rich in material resoorces sic as iron an nickel. The economy, housomeivver, relees maistly on agricultur, wi muckle plantations growin bananaes, cacao an coffee dottin the landscape. Industry is growin aroond the caipital, as is tourism. The naitural beauty o the aurie is attractin mony tourists frae baith the rest o Cuba an frae owerseas.


Municipality Population
Location Remarks
Contramaestre 101,832 610.3 20°18′0″N 76°15′2″W / 20.30000°N 76.25056°W / 20.30000; -76.25056 (Contramaestre)
Guamá 35,516 965 19°58′34″N 76°24′35″W / 19.97611°N 76.40972°W / 19.97611; -76.40972 (Chivirico) Chivirico
Mella 33,667 335.2 20°22′10″N 75°54′39″W / 20.36944°N 75.91083°W / 20.36944; -75.91083 (Mella)
Palma Soriano 124,585 845.8 20°12′51″N 75°59′30″W / 20.21417°N 75.99167°W / 20.21417; -75.99167 (Palma Soriano)
San Luis 88,496 765 20°11′17″N 75°50′55″W / 20.18806°N 75.84861°W / 20.18806; -75.84861 (San Luis)
Santiago de Cuba 472,255 1,023.8 20°02′25″N 75°48′53″W / 20.04028°N 75.81472°W / 20.04028; -75.81472 (Santiago de Cuba) Provincial caipital
Segundo Frente 40,885 540 20°24′43″N 75°31′43″W / 20.41194°N 75.52861°W / 20.41194; -75.52861 (Mayarí Arriba) Mayarí Arriba
Songo – La Maya 100,287 721 20°10′24″N 75°38′46″W / 20.17333°N 75.64611°W / 20.17333; -75.64611 (La Maya) La Maya
Tercer Frente 30,457 364 20°10′19″N 76°19′38″W / 20.17194°N 76.32722°W / 20.17194; -76.32722 (Cruce de los Baños) Cruce de los Baños
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Source: Population from 2004 Census.[2] Area from 1976 municipal re-distribution.[3]



In 2004, the province o Santiago De Cuba haed a population o 1,043,202.[2] Wi a tot aurie o 6,156.44 km2 (2,377.01 sq mi),[4] the province haed a population density o 169.4/km2 (439/sq mi).

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