Cottbus (German pronunciation: [ˈkɔtbʊs]; Lawer Sorbie: Chóśebuz; Czech: Chotěbuz; Pols: Chociebuż) is a varsity ceety in Brandenburg, Germany, situatit aroond 125 km (78 mi) sootheast o Berlin, on the River Spree. Cottbus is a major railwey junction wi extensive sidins/depots.

Cottbus Altmarkt (old market square)
Cottbus Altmarkt (old market square)
Coat of airms o Cottbus
Coat airms
Cottbus is located in Germany
Coordinates: 51°45′38″N 14°20′03″E / 51.76056°N 14.33417°E / 51.76056; 14.33417Coordinates: 51°45′38″N 14°20′03″E / 51.76056°N 14.33417°E / 51.76056; 14.33417
DestrictUrban destrict
 • Laird MayorHolger Kelch
 • Total164.28 km2 (63.43 sq mi)
70 m (230 ft)
 • Total98,359
 • Density600/km2 (1,600/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes0355
Vehicle registrationCB



The dounset wis established in the 10t century, when Sorbs erectit a castle on a sandy island in the River Spree. The first recorded mention o the toun's name wis in 1156. In the 13t century German settlers came tae the toun an thareefter livit side-bi-side wi the Sorbs. In medieval times Cottbus wis kent for oo, an the toun's drapery wis exportit aw ower the Brandenburg, Bohemie an Saxony. In 1462 Cottbus wis acquired bi the Margraviate o Brandenburg; in 1701 the ceety became pairt o the Kingdom o Proushie. In 1815 the surroondin districts o Upper an Lawer Lusatie war cedit bi the Kinrick o Saxony tae Proushie. During World War II, Cottbus wis taken bi the Red Airmy on 22 Apryle 1945.

Frae 1949 till German reunification in 1990, Cottbus wis pairt o the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).



Cultur an education


Cottbus is the cultural centre o the Lawer Sorbie minority. Mony signs in the toun are bilingual, an thare is a Lawer Sorbie-middlin Gymnasium, but Sorbie is rarely spoken on the streets.

Next tae Cottbus is the famous Branitz Park, creatit bi Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau efter 1845. Schloss Branitz (Branitz Castle) wis rebuilt bi Gottfried Semper in a late Baroque style atween 1846 an 1852, end the gardens laid bi Prince Hermann featur twa pyramids. Ane o thir, the Seepyramide, is in the middle o a airtificial loch an serves as his mauseoleum.[2]

Cottbus is hame o the Brandenburg Varsity o Technology (BTU) an the maths/science-orientit Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium, which is namit efter the pheesicist Max Steenbeck.

Every year Cottbus is host tae the East European Film Festival.

Cottbus haes a fitbaa team cried FC Energie Cottbus, which currently play in the 2. Fußball-Bundesliga. Thair hame matches are played at the ceety's Stadion der Freundschaft.

Pouer generation


Thare are several coal-fired pouer stations in the aurie aroond Cottbus (Lausitz). The biggest stations are "Schwarze Pumpe" (1600 MW), "Boxberg" (1900 MW) an "Jänschwalde" (3000 MW).

Internaitional relations


Twin touns – Sister ceeties


Cottbus is twinned wi:[3]

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