Côte-Nord (French pronunciation: ​[kot nɔʁ], French for "North Shore", aurie 247,633.94 km²) is the seicont lairgest admeenistrative region bi laund aurie in Quebec, Canadae, efter Nord-du-Québec. It covers hintle o the northren shore o the Saint Lawrence River estuary an the Gulf of Saint Lawrence past Tadoussac.

Map o Côte-Nord in relation tae Quebec.
Map o Côte-Nord in relation tae Quebec.
Coordinates: 50°52′N 65°49′W / 50.867°N 65.817°W / 50.867; -65.817
Kintra Canadae
Province Quebec
 • Total300,281.83 km2 (115,939.46 sq mi)
 • Laund247,633.94 km2 (95,612.00 sq mi)
 Total aurie includes disputit land athin Labrador
 • Tot94,766
 • Density0.4/km2 (1/sq mi)
Barrage Daniel-Johnson, a hydroelectric dam on the Manicouagan River.

While maist o the region is in the same time zone as the rest o Quebec, the far eastren portion east o the 63rd meridian, includin hauf o Anticosti Island, is offeecially in the Atlantic Time Zone.


As o the 2011 census, the population amoontit tae 94,766, slichtly mair nor 1% o the province's population, spread athort 33 municipalities, various Indian reserves, an a Naskapi reserved land. The touns o Baie-Comeau an Sept-Îles combined amoont tae a little mair nor hauf o the population o the region.

Geografie an economieEedit

Côte-Nord wis creatit as an admeenistrative region in 1966. Important landmarks o Côte-Nord include Anticosti Island, the Mingan Archipelago, an the Manicouagan Reservoir.

A territorial dispute atween Quebec an Newfoundland an Labrador concernin the border atween Côte-Nord an Labrador haes existit syne 1927.

The region's economy is based on minin (maistly iron), lumberin, aluminium production, an tourism. Côte-Nord's fowerteen hydroelectric dams, notably the Manicouagan-Outardes complex, supply Hydro-Québec wi ower 10,500 megawatts o powuer.


Regional coonty municipalities

Indian reserves

Naskapi reservit territory

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