BP plc,[2][3][4] sometimes referred tae bi its umwhile name Breetish Petroleum, is a Breetish multinaitional ile an gas company heidquartert in Lunnon, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick. It is the fift-lairgest energy company bi mercat capitalization,[5] the fift-lairgest company in the warld measured bi 2012 revenues, an the saxt-lairgest ile an gas company measured bi 2012 production.[6][7] It is ane o the sax ile an gas "supermajors".[8] BP is vertically integrated an operates in aw auries o the ile an gas industry, includin exploration an production, refinin, distribution an mercatin, petrochemicals, pouer generation an tradin. It an aa haes renewable energy activities in biofuels an wind pouer.

BP plc
Public limited company
Treddit asLSEBP
IndustrieIle an gas
PredecessorAnglo-Persian Oil Company
Burmah Castrol
Standard Oil of Ohio
Foondit1909 (as Anglo-Persian Oil Company)
1935 (as Anglo-Iranian Oil Company)
1954 (as British Petroleum)
1998 (as BP Amoco plc)
2001 (as BP plc)
HeidquartersLunnon, Ingland,
Unitit Kinrick
Area served
Key fowk
Production ootpit
3.6 Mbbl/d (570×10^3 m3/d) o BOE (2019)
ServicesService stations
RevenueIncrease US$ 303.73 billion (2018)
Increase US$ 19.38 billion (2018)
Increase US$ 9.58 billion (2018)
Tot assetsIncrease US$ 282.18 billion (2018)
Tot equityIncrease US$ 101.55 billion (2018)
Nummer o employees
~74,000 (2019)
Footnotes / references


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