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Alsace (French: Alsace [alzas]; Alsatian: Elsàss [ˈɛlsɑs]; German: Elsass, pre-1996: Elsaß, IPA: [ˈɛlzas]; Laitin: Alsatia) is the fift-smawest o the 27 regions o Fraunce in land aurie (8,280 km²), an the smawest in metropolitan Fraunce. It is the seivent-maist densely populatit region in Fraunce an third maist densely populate region in metropolitan Fraunce, wi ca. 220 indwellers per km² (tot population in 2006: 1,815,488; 1 Januar 2008 estimate: 1,836,000). Alsace is on Fraunce's eastren mairch an on the wast bank o the upper Rhine adjacent tae Germany an Swisserland. The poleetical, economic an cultural caipital as weel as lairgest ceety o Alsace is Strasbourg. Acause that ceety is the seat o dozens o internaitional organisations an bodies, Alsace is poleetically ane o the maist important regions in the European Union.

Region o Fraunce
Banner o Alsace
Alsace in France.svg
Kintra  Fraunce
Prefectur Strasbourg
 • Preses Philippe Richert (2010–) (UMP)
 • Total 8,280 km2 (3,200 sq mi)
Population (2006)[1]
 • Tot 1,815,488
 • Density 220/km2 (570/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
GDP (2007)[2] Rankit {{{GDP_rank}}}
Tot €48 billion (US${{{GDP_US$}}} bn)
Per capita €26,500 (US${{{GDP_per_capita_US$}}})
NUTS Region FR4


Mulhouse is the seicound biggest ceety efter Strasbourg. Mulhouse as aboot 100 000 fowk (4 times less then manchester) Mulhouse haes a wheen museum lik the museum o cars or the train museum.

Major communitiesEedit

German oreeginal names in brackets gif French names are different

Sister provincesEedit

Thare is an accord de coopération internationale atween Alsace an the follaein regions:[3]