Al Wahat Destrict

Al Wahat (Arabic: الواحاتAl Wāḥāt, Inglis: The Oases), occasionally spelt Al Wahad or Al Wahah (Inglis: The Oasis) is ane o the destricts o Libie.[1][2] Its caipital an lairgest city is Ajdabiya.

Al Wahat (الواحات)
Kintra  Libie
Capital Ajdabiya
Population 177,047 (2006) [1]
Map o Libie wi Al Wahat destrict heichlichtit



Traditionally Al Wahat wis the wastren pairt o Cyrenaica. Wi the diveesion o Libie intae ten govrenorates in 1963, Al Wahat became pairt o the Misrata Govrenorate. In the 1973 reorganization it became pairt o Al Khalji Govrenorate.[3] In 1983 Al Khalji wis dividit intae a number o baladiyat (destricts), wi wha is nou Al Wahat being includit in the Ajdabiya baladiyah an the Jalu baladiyah. In the 1988 reorganization, Jalu wis subsumit athin Ajdabiya baladiyah.

The status o this aurie in the reorganization o 1995 which creatit thirteen destricts (shabiyat) is unclear; housomeivver, in the 1998 reorganization intae twinty-sax destricts, the name "Al-Wahad" appears as a destrict for the first time.[2] In 2001 the aurie wis dividit atween Al Wahat Destrict an Ajdabiya Destrict.[1] In 2007 the umwhile Al Wahat destrict (aurie:108,670 km2) wis enlairged tae include wha haed been the Ajdabiya District an pairt o Al Kufrah Destrict[4]. It nou haes essentially the bundaries that the baladiyah (destrict) o Ajdabiya did frae 1988 tae 1995.



Al Wahat haes a short border wi Egyp, an borders the follaein Libian destricts:



The follaein major touns are locatit athin Al Wahat Destrict, as o 2007: Ajdabiya, Al Labbah, El Agheila, Jalu, an Sultan.


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