Al Butnan Destrict

Al Butnan (Arabic: البطنانAl Buṭnān) sometimes cried Tubruq Destrict or Tobruk Destrict frae the umwhile name, occasionally Marmarica, is an admeenistrative destrict (shabiyah) in eastren Libie. Its caipital ceety is Tobruk.

Map o Libie wi Al Butnan destrict heichlichtit

In the north, Al Butnan haes a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea. Tae the east, it borders Egyp's Matruh Govrenorate, alang wi a sma border on the Al Wadi al Jadid Govrenorate in the far sootheast. Domestically, it borders the follaein destricts:

The most important settlements are Tobruk, Al-Jaghbub an Bardia

History Eedit

Traditionally pairt o Marmarica, an later pairt o the province o Cyrenaica in Italian Libie, wi the diveesion o Libie intae ten govrenorates in 1963, Al Butnan became pairt o the Darnah Govrenorate. In 1983 the Darnah Govrenorate wis dividit intae a number o baladiyat (destricts), wi wha is nou Al Butnan being includit in the Tobruk baladiyah an ithers. Al Butnan Destrict wis creatit in 1988 as ane o the twinty-five reorganized baladiyat. In 1995, Al Butnan wis ane o the thirteen new shabiyah,[1] an Al Butnan retained its status through the reorganizations o 1998, 2001 an 2007.

In 2007 the umwhile autonomous ceety o Al-Jaghbub became pairt o Al Butnan Destrict.

The same destrict atween 2001 an 2007.

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Coordinates: 30°N 24°E / 30°N 24°E / 30; 24