Sirte Destrict (or Sirt or Surt Destrict (Arabic: سرتSurt, Aboot this soondpronunciation ), is ane o the destricts o Libie. It lies in the north o the kintra an borders the Gulf o Sidra. Its caipital is the ceety o Sirt. Al-Tahadi University is locatit in Sirt.

Sirte (سرت)
Kintra  Libie
Capital Sirt
Area 77,660 km2 (29,985 sq mi) [1]
Population 141,378 (2006) [2]
Density 2/km2 (5/sq mi)
Map o Libie wi Sirte destrict heichlichtit
Location of Sirte District from 2001 until 2007, under the 32-shabiyat system.

Sirte Destrict shares its name wi the ceety o Sirte, the historically maist important ceety on the Gulf o Sidra. These names derive frae the Greek name for the gulf, the Great Syrtis.[3]



The bundaries o Sirte Destrict hae chynged several times, maist recently in the 2007 admeenistrative reorganization o Libian destricts (see maps). Frae 1983 tae 1987 the Bin Jawwad Destrict covered pairts o wha is nou pairt o Sirte Destrict.

Tae the north, Sirte District has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea. It borders the follaein destricts:



Sirte is an interim destination o a coastal railway frae Tunisie tae Benghazi that began construction in 2007.


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Coordinates: 31°12′17.41″N 16°35′16.54″E / 31.2048361°N 16.5879278°E / 31.2048361; 16.5879278