Words from the Exit Wound

Words from the Exit Wound is the aicht album bi Napalm Death released in 1998. It, alang wi Enemy of the Music Business, is ane o twa studio albums that wur released bi Napalm Death anerlie on CD.

Words from the Exit Wound
Studio album by Napalm Death
Released26 October 1998(UK)
26 Januar 1999(US)
GenreDaith metal, grindcore
ProducerColin Richardson
Napalm Death chronology
Bootlegged in Japan
(1998)Bootlegged in Japan1998
Words from the
Exit Wound

Leaders Not Followers
(1999)Leaders Not Followers1999

Track leetinEedit

1."The Infiltraitor"4:30
2."Repression out of Uniform"2:53
3."Next of Kin to Chaos"4:08
4."Trio-Degradable / Affixed by Disconcern"4:34
5."Cleanse Impure"3:14
6."Devouring Depraved"3:22
7."Ulterior Exterior"1:50
8."None the Wiser?"4:16
9."Clutching at Barbs"2:27
10."Incendiary Incoming"3:08
11."Thrown Down a Rope"3:25
12."Sceptic in Perspective"3:24
13."Hung" (Live - Bootlegged in Japan*)3:57
14."Greed Killing" (Live - Bootlegged in Japan*)3:00
15."Suffer the Children" (Live - Bootlegged in Japan*)4:10

* Bonus tracks on U.S. release