Jesse Pintado (July 12, 1969 – August 27, 2006) wis a Mexican American guitarist who wis best kent for playin in Napalm Death an Terrorizer.

Jesse Pintado
Birth nameJesse Pintado
Born12 Julie 1969(1969-07-12)
OreiginSonora, Mexico
Deid27 August 2006(2006-08-27) (aged 37)
Daith metal
ThriftMuisicker, Guitarist
Years active1985–2006
Associate actsTerrorizer
Napalm Death
Lock Up


He stairtit in the band Terrorizer whaur he recordit the grindcore album World Downfall, the first album tae featur Pete Sandoval who wad later leave the baund tae join Morbid Angel. It wis Jesse Pintado who coined the term "grindcore" for the first time (in 1983), tae describe a muisical mixtur o "noise an chaos" which he wis developin at that time.

Replacin guitarist Bill Steer he joined Napalm Death immediately prior tae the recordin o their album Harmony Corruption. In 2004 he offeecially left Napalm Death an revivit Terrorizer, recruitin Tony Norman o Monstrosity an Anthony Rezhawk o Resistant Culture; he an Pete Sandoval wur the anerlie oreeginal members. Whilst in Napalm Death, he haed an aw played wi bass-player Shane Embury in Lock Up, releasin twa albums.

Wi Terrorizer he released in 2006 the album Darker Days Ahead. He an aw played for Brujeria on their 2000-album Brujerizmo (as Cristo de Pisto).

He livit in Ridderkerk in the Netherlands, an a few weeks efter the release o Terrorizer's second album, he dee'd in a hospital in the Netherlands due tae liver failur efter a diabetes-inducit coma. His daith an aw stemmit frae excessive drinkin. [1]


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