Unitit Naitions

(Reguidit frae Unitit Nations)

The Unitit Naitions Organisation (UNO) or simply the Unitit Naitions (UN) is an internaitional organisation whase statit ettles is facilitatin cooperation in internaitional law, internaitional security, economic development, social progress, human richts, an warld peace achievement. The UN wis foondit in 1945 efter Warld War II fur tae replace the League o Naitions, fur tae stap wars atween kintras, an fur tae provide a platform fur dialogue. It contrrns multiple subsidiary organisations fur tae cairry oot its missions.

Banner o Unitit Naitions Arabic: الأمم المتحدة Simplifee'd Chinese: 联合国 French: Organisation des Nations unies Roushian: Организация Объединённых Наций Spainish: Naciones Unidas Inglis: United Nations
Cairt shawin the member states o the Unitit Nations[a]
HeidquartersNew York City (International territory)
Offeecial leids
TeepIntergovrenmental organisation
Membership193 member states
2 observer states
António Guterres
Amina J. Mohammed
Peter Thomson
Frederick Musiiwa Makamure Shava
Román Oyarzun Marchesi
• UN Chairter signed
26 Juin 1945 (1945-06-26)
• Chairter entered intae force
24 October 1945 (1945-10-24)


  1. This cairt disna represent the view o its members or the UN concernin the legal status o ony kintra,[1] nor daes it accurately reflect whilk auries' govrenments haes UN representation. This cairt shaws pairtially recognised states lik Kosovo or Taiwan as pairt o their claimin govrenments (Serbie an Cheenae respectively)


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