Unitit Naitions Chairter

The Chairter o the Unitit Naitions (kent as the UN Chairter an aw) o 1945 is the foondational treaty o the Unitit Naitions, an intergovrenmental organisation.[1] It wis signed at the San Francisco War Memorial an Performin Airts Center in San Francisco, Unitit States, on 26 Juin 1945, bi 50 o the 51 oreeginal member kintras. (Poland, the ither oreeginal member, which wisna representit at the conference, signed it twa month later.)

Chairter o the Unitit Naitions
Draftit14 August 1941
Signed26 Juin 1945
LocationSan Francisco, Californie, Unitit States
Effective24 October 1945
CondeetionRatification bi Cheenae, Fraunce, the Soviet Union, the Unitit Kinrick, Unitit States an bi a majority o the ither signatory states.
DepositaryUnitit States
LeidsArabic, Cheenese, Inglis, French, Roushie, an Spanish
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