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Never look down. The only reason to look down is when you're thinking when to go up.

—TDKR Chicago 101


I live here...One of the best cities in the World!!!!

Hi im TDKR Chicago and I live in Chicago. And I like to create pages, so that people may learn about people in scots and to have the same amount of biographies than the English Wikipedia.


Hi! My name is Lenin. I was born on October 1 in Chicago, Illinois. I was raised here in Chicago. I enjoy being in the city during anytime of the day or night. I like seeing the skyscrapers and hoping that one day I might get to build one. Hi! I'm not use to the Scots Wikipedia, but I will mostly create articles about people. My main language is Simple English. My Simple English Wikipedia user page is in the languages section. Thanks. sco:User:TDKR Chicago 101