Sindhi /ˈsɪndi/[3] (Sindhi: سنڌي) is the leid o the historical Sindh region, spoken bi the Sindhi fowk. It is spoken bi 53,410,910 fowk in Pakistan an some 5,820,485 fowk in Indie. It is the offeecial leid o the province o Sindh. In Indie, Sindhi is ane o the scheduled leids offeecially recognized bi the federal govrenment. Abroad thare are some 2.6 million Sindhis.

Native taePakistan. An aa immigrant
communities in Indie, Hong Kong,
Oman, Philippines, Indonesie,
Singapore, UAE, UK, USA,
Afghanistan, Sri Lanka
RegionSooth Asie
Native speakers
26 million (2007)[1]
Arabic, Khudabadi alphabet,
Laṇḍā scripts.[2]
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
 Pakistan (Sindh)
Regulatit biSindhi Leid Authority (Pakistan),
Indian Institute of Sindhology (India)
Leid codes
ISO 639-1sd
ISO 639-2snd
ISO 639-3Variously:
snd – Sindhi
lss – Lasi
sbn – Sindhi Bhil

Sindhi is an Indo-Aryan leid o the Indo-Iranian branch o the Indo-European leid faimily. It haes influences frae a local version o spoken fairm o Sanskrit an frae Balochi spoken in the adjacent province o Balochistan.

Maist Sindhi speakers are concentratit in the Sindh province an in Kutch, Gujarat, Indie whaur Sindhi is a local leid. The remainin speakers in Indie are componed o the Hindu Sindhis who migratit frae Sindh an settled in Indie efter partition an the Sindhi diaspora warldwide.


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