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Coordinates: 21°N 57°E / 21°N 57°E / 21; 57

Sultanate o Oman
سلطنة عُمان
Salṭanat ʻUmān
Anthem: نشيد السلام السلطاني
"as-Salām as-Sultānī"
"Sultanic Salutation"
Location o Oman in the Arabian Peninsula (Dark green)
Location o Oman in the Arabian Peninsula (Dark green)
Caipital Muscat
23°36′N 58°33′E / 23.600°N 58.550°E / 23.600; 58.550
Lairgest ceety capital
Offeecial leids Arabic
Releegion Islam
Demonym Omani
Govrenment Unitary pairlamentary absolute monarchy
• Sultan
Qaboos bin Said al Said
Fahd bin Mahmoud al Said[1]
Legislatur Pairlament
Cooncil o State (Majlis al-Dawla)
Consultative Assembly (Majlis al-Shura)
• The Azd tribe migration
• Al-Julanda
• Imamate established[2]
• Hoose o Al Said
• Total
309,500 km2 (119,500 sq mi) (70th)
• Water (%)
• 2016 estimate
4,441,448[3] (135t)
• 2010 census
• Density
13/km2 (33.7/sq mi) (216t)
GDP (PPP) 2015 estimate
• Total
$172.329 billion[5]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
• Tot
$81.637 billion[5]
• Per capita
HDI (2014) Increase 0.793[6]
heich · 52nd
Currency Rial (OMR)
Time zone UTC+4 (GST)
Drivin side right
Cawin code +968
ISO 3166 code OM
Internet TLD .om, عمان.

Oman (pronoonced /oʊˈmɑːn/ ( listen) oh-MAHN; Arabic: عمانʻUmān), offeecially the Sultanate o Oman (Arabic: سلطنة عمانSalṭanat ʻUmān), is an Arab kintra in soothwast Asie on the sootheast coast o the Arabian Peninsula. It borders the Unitit Arab Emirates on the northwast, Saudi Arabie on the wast an Yemen on the soothwast. The coast is formed bi the Arabian Sea on the sootheast an the Gulf o Oman on the northeast. The Madha an Musandam enclaves are surroondit bi the UAE on thair land borders, wi the Strait o Hormuz an Gulf o Oman formin Musandam's coastal boondaries.


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