Nicosia Destrict

Nicosia Destrict is ane o the sax destricts o Cyprus. Its main toun is the island kintra's caipital ceety, Nicosia. The TRNC-controlled northren pairt o the destrict is the Necosia District o the unrecognized Turkish Republic o Northren Cyprus.

Map o Cyprus showin Nicosia destrict (bright red).
Location o the North Cypriot destrict o Nicosia.

TRNC-controlled auries o the Larnaca Destrict o the Republic o Cyprus are admeenistered as pairt o Nicosia Destrict, while wastren pairts o the Nicosia Destrict unner TRNC control are admeenistered as pairt o the new Morphou Destrict.

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Coordinates: 35°04′N 33°12′E / 35.067°N 33.200°E / 35.067; 33.200