Larnaca Destrict

Larnaca Destrict is ane o the sax destricts o Cyprus. Its main toun is Larnaca. A sma pairt o the destrict wis occupied bi the Turkis airmy in 1974.

Map o Cyprus showin Larnaca destrict.

The authorities in Turkish Republic o Northren Cyprus admeenister the Turkish-occupied pairts o Larnaca Destrict as pairt o Nicosia Destrict.

Larnaca hosts baith a port an the island's maist important airport, Larnaca Internaitional Airport. The toun an aa hosts the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque which is sometimes referred tae as the third holiest site in Islam bi some orientalists. Housomeivver, this is no pairt o orthodox Muslim belief.

Coordinates: 34°53′N 33°28′E / 34.883°N 33.467°E / 34.883; 33.467 Template:Larnaca Destrict