Mariana van Zeller

Portuguese journalist

Mariana van Zeller (born 7 Mey 1976 in Cascais, Portugal) is a Portuguese jurnalist an correspondent for Naitional Geographic Channel. She is a umwhile correspondent for the Vanguard documentary series on Current TV.


Van Zeller studiet International Relations at the Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa. When she graduatit she spent twa years wirkin at SIC, which wis at that time the first an lairgest Portuguese private telly netwirk. First, she begin wirkin in the traivel an internaitional depairtments o the main netwirks channel, an later she jynt SIC Notícias, which is the netwirks news channel.[1]

She apple'd tae Columbia University Graduate School of Jurnalism three times: her first application wis rejected, an her seicont wis wait-leetit. Efter her third application in 2001, van Zeller flew tae New York Ceety an knockit on the dean's door, explainin her dream o becomin a jurnalist in the Unitit States. The dean wis impressed an alloued her tae enroll.[1]

Ane month efter van Zeller muivit tae New York Ceety, the 11t September attacks teuk place. She wis contacted that fore-nuin bi a producer frae SIC Notícias, whaur she haed previously interned. She wis directed tae meet a news crew atop the CBS Building in Midtown Manhattan, whaur she wad go live in three oors. Afore goin on air, she wis tauld: "Prepare yoursel. The whole o Portugal is watchin you."[2][3]

Efter receivin her degree frae Columbia, van Zeller muivit tae Lunnon tae wirk for a documentary producer, wi howps o coverin the Iraq War. Wi Lunnon as her new base, she studied Arabic at Damascus University in Sirie in order tae better seek oot stories in the Middle East. Ower the next twa years, her freelance documentaries frae Sirie appeared on PBS's Frontline/Warld, the CBC, and Channel 4 (Unitit Kinrick). In 2005, she jynt Current TV as a correspondent an producer for the Vanguard documentary series. Van Zeller is fluent in Portuguese, Inglis, Spainyie, Italian an French. She speaks some Arabic an aw.[1]

Van Zeller is marriet tae her umwhile Columbia classmate Darren Foster, who is a producer an cameraman wi Vanguard. In Julie 2010, she gae birth tae her first bairn, a son namit Vasco.


Year Awaird Organisation Wirk Category Result
2008 Livingston Award for Young Journalists Mollie Parnis Livingston Foundation Reporting on the Iraq-Iran Border Best International Reporting Nominated[4]
2009 Webby Award International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences "Obama's Army" News & Politics: Individual Episodes Won[5]
2010 Peabody Award Henry W. Grady College of Jurnalism and Mass Communication "The OxyContin Express" Won[6]
2011 "Greatest Person of the Day" Huffington Post Mairch 23, 2011 Won[7]
Livingston Award for Young Journalists Mollie Parnis Livingston Foundation "Rape on the Reservation" Won[8]

"The OxyContin Express" receivit the 2010 Telly Academy Honour an aw, a Prism Award an an Emmy nomination.

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