Margaret o Mar, 31st Coontess o Mar

Margaret o Mar, 31st Coontess o Mar an 24t Lady Garioch, (born 19 September 1940) is a crossbench member o the Hoose o Lords, an electit hereditary peer, the holder o the oreeginal Earldom o Mar, the auldest peerage title in the Unitit Kinrick an a farmer an specialist cheesemaker in Worcestershire. She currently is the ae suo jure Coontess in the Hoose o Lords.

Early lifeEedit

She wis born Margaret Alison Lane, the eldest dochter o Millicent Mary Salton an James Clifton Lane later James o Mar, 30t Earl o Mar the Heir Presumptive o Lionel Erskine-Young, 29t Earl o Mar, his first cousin ance removed (baith wur descendit frae a sister o John Goodeve-Erskine, 27t Earl o Mar).

Margaret haed twa yunger siblings: David o Mar, Master o Mar, an Lady Janet o Mar. In 1959, her faither wis offeecially recognised in the style o Mar an frae that year his three childer wur an aa styled o Mar, the name Lane bein abandoned.

Mistress o MarEedit

When Margaret's faither succeedit as 30t Earl o Mar in 1965 she became Lady Margaret o Mar, an her brither became The Master o Mar, Lord Garioch. When Lord Garioch dee'd in 1967, Margaret became The Mistress o Mar as the elder heir-portioner presumptive in general o her faither.

Coontess o MarEedit

When in 1975 her faither the 30t Earl dee'd, Lady Margaret became the 31st holder o the Mar earldom, the Premier Earldom o Scotland, an entered the Hoose o Lords,[1] makin her maiden speech in Apryle 1976.[2] Efter the passing of House of Lords Act 1999, Lady Mar wis electit tae serve as ane o the ninetie-twa hereditary peers retained in the Hoose,[3] whaur she sits as a cross-bencher, meanin she is no aligned wi ony parteecular poleetical pairty.

As Coontess o Mar she is an aa Titular 11t Duchess o Mar in the Jacobite Peerage (in which Peerage she is numbered as 32nt Coontess o Mar, as the attainder o 1716-1824 is no recognised bi the Jacobites).

Note: Awin tae a nineteent-century dispute an mistake, thare is an aa anither Earl o Mar, James Erskine, 14t Earl o Mar an 16t Earl o Kellie, a kinsman o Margaret's. Margaret, housomeivver, is the undisputit haulder o the auncient earldom. The 1565 earldom, which wis creatit retrospectively in the 1870s, is held bi the Erskine side o this auncient Scots faimily.

Lady Mar haes held a nummer o poseetions athin the Hoose o Lords:

  • Deputy Chair o Committees 1997–2007
  • Select Committee on European Communities Sub-Committee C (Environment, Public Health an Consumer Protection) 1997–1999
  • Deputy Speaker 1999–2007
  • Select Committee on European Union Sub-Committee D (Environment, Agriculture, Public Health an Consumer Protection / Environment an Agriculture) 2001–2005

Lady Mar is currently a member o the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments[4], a member o the Lords Refreshment Committee,[5] an a member o the panel o Deputy Chairmen o Committees.[6] Lady Mar is an aa secretary o the Aw Pairty Parliamentary Group on Pesticides an Organophoshates.[7]

Lady Mar haes an aa held a variety o non-poleetical offices:

  • Member o the Immigration Appeal Tribunal 1985-2006
  • Chairman, Honest Food 2000-2005
  • Chairman, Environmental Medicine Foundation 1997-2003
  • Preses, Guild of Agricultural Journalists 2007-
  • Patron, Dispensing Doctors' Association 1985-1986
  • Patron, Worcestor Mobile Disabled Group 1991-2003
  • Patron, Gulf Veterans' Association
  • Preses, Elderly Accommodation Counsel, 1994-
  • Honorary Associate o the Ryal College o Veterinary Surgeons 2006- [8]
  • Honorary Associate o the British Veterinary Association 2007- [9]


Lady Mar haes mairit three times: first tae Edwin Noel Artiss, then tae John Salton, an finally tae John Jenkin. Frae the first marriage she haed a dochhter: Susan Helen o Mar, Mistress o Mar (born 1963), the heiress presumptive tae her mither's peerage.

Titles an stylesEedit

  • 1940-1959: Margaret Alison Lane
  • 1959-1965: Margaret o Mar
  • 1965-1967: The Lady Margaret o Mar
  • 1967-1975: The Mistress o Mar
  • 1975—present: The Coontess of Mar an Lady Garioch


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