James o Mar, 30t Yerl o Mar

James Clifton o Mar, 30t Earl o Mar (22 November 1914–21 Aprile 1975) wis a Scots peer.

He wis born James Clifton Lane, an wis offeecially recognised in the style o Mar bi warrant o the Lord Lyon in 1959 on bein recognised as Heir Presumptive o Lionel Erskine-Young, 29t Earl o Mar, his first cousin ance removed (baith he an the 29t Earl wur descendit frae a sister o John Goodeve-Erskine, 27t Earl o Mar), an frae then on wis kent as The Master o Mar till he succeedit as 30t Earl in 1965.

His ae son, David o Mar, Master o Mar, dee'd in 1967, an whan Lord Mar dee'd in 1975 he wis succeedit bi his elder dochter, Margaret o Mar, Mistress o Mar.

Precedit bi
Lionel Erskine-Young
Earl o Mar Succeedit bi
Margaret o Mar