Lady Janet o Mar

Lady Janet Helen of Mar (b. 31 Januar 1946), (née Lady Janet Helen Anderson, is the sister o Margaret of Mar, 31st Coontess o Mar.

Lady Janet wis born Janet Helen Lane in Kenyae, the yunger dochhter o James Clifton Lane (later Master o Mar and Earl o Mar) an his first wife, Millicent Mary Salton, who frae the time o her marriage till her daith wis aaways kent as Mrs Mary Lane an niver, as haes sometimes been statit, as the Mistress o Mar, a substantive title that can be uised ae bi the senior heiress presumptive.

In 1959, the Master o Mar (succeedit as Earl o Mar in 1965) wis offeecially recognized bi the Lord Lyon in the surname of Mar. His son David (Lord Garioch), an his dochhters Margaret an Janet wur an aa of Mar frae that time onwards. Lord Garioch dee'd in 1967, an Lady Margaret, the elder co-heiress presumptive o her faither, eventually succeeded as the 31st haulder o the Earldom in 1975.

Lady Janet, the yunger co-heiress presumptive, married Lt-Cdr Laurence of Mar, RN (umwhile Laurence Duncan McDiarmid Anderson) on Mairch 22, 1969, an wis kent as Lady Janet Anderson for ae a few months; frae October 1969 she an her husband wur offeecially recognized bi warrant o the Lord Lyon in the style of Mar, the surname Anderson being formally abandoned. Laurence bears the Mar airms, differenced, bi the Feudal Courtesy o Scotland. The style of Mar is a "name o nobility" an shoud no be confused wi Scots territorial designations.

They hae twa dochters:

  • Elizabeth of Mar (b. 1970)
  • Catherine of Mar (b. 13 Mey 1971), marriet tae Stuart Kelly, haed issue[1].

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