James Erskine, 14t Yerl o Mar

James Thorne Erskine, 14t Earl o Mar an 16t Earl o Kellie, DL (born Mairch 10, 1949) is a Leeberal Democrat member o the Hoose o Lairds.

Educatit at Eton College, he wis Page o Honour tae Queen Elizabeth II in 1962 an 1963. As the 16t Viscoont Fentoun, he is Premier Viscoont o Scotland. He is an aw 19t Lord Erskine; 16t Lord Erskine o Dirleton; 16t Lord Dirleton an the Chief o the Name an Airms o Erskine.

In order tae remain in the Lords efter the remuival o maist hereditary peers in 1999 he wis creatit a life peer as Baron Erskine o Alloa Touer, o Alloa in Clackmannanshire.

Syne 1991, he haes been a Deputy Lieutenant for Clackmannanshire.

He haes sat in the House o Lords syne 1994. Thare, he is Liberal Democrat spokesman on Scotland, an assistant whip an sits on the Constitution committee an the Religious Offences committee.

Awin tae a nineteent century dispute, thare is anither Earldom o Mar, held bi Margaret Alison o Mar, 31st Coontess o Mar.