Mardin Province

Mardin Province (Turkis: Mardin ili) is a province o Turkey wi a population o 744,606.[2] The population wis 835,173 in 2000.[3] The caipital o the Mardin Province is Mardin (Kurdish: Mêrdîn‎, Clessical Syriac: ܡܶܪܕܺܝܢ‎ "Mardin" in relatit Semitic leid Arabic: ماردين , Mardīn). Locatit near the traditional bundary o Anatolie an Mesopotamie, it haes a diverse population conseest o Kurdish, Turkis, Arabic an Assyrian (Syriacs) fowk.

Mardin Province

Mardin ili
Location of Mardin Province in Turkey
Location of Mardin Province in Turkey
RegionSootheastren Anatolie
 • Electoral destrictMardin
 • Tot8,891 km2 (3,433 sq mi)
 • Tot796,237
 • Density90/km2 (230/sq mi)
Area code(s)0482
Vehicle registration47
View frae Mardin tae the Mesopotamian plains

The local Assyrians (Syriacs), while hintle reduced due tae the results o the Assirie Genocide, supports twa o the auldest monasteries in the warld, Dayro d-Mor Hananyo (Turkis Deyrülzafaran, Inglis Saffron Monastery) an Deyrulumur Monastery. The Christian community is concentratit on the Tur Abdin plateau an in the toun o Midyat, wi a smawer community (approximately 100) in the provincial caipital.

Poleetically, the aurie is competitive atween the govrenin Juistice an Development Pairty an Kurdish Democratic Fowkpairty, an the True Path Pairty haes some strength, especially in rural pairts o the province.[4]

The auld toun o Midyat, seicont ceety o the province

Unemployment an poverty are serious problems, an thare haes been considerable oot migration tae wastren an soothren Turkey, awtho the reduction in poleetical violence, coupled wi infrastructur impruivements sic as a new ceevil airport at the provincial caipital an improvements tae the Ankara-Baghdad heich-gate are helpin ameliorate matters.

Mardin comes frae the Syriac wird (ܡܪܕܐ) an means "fortresses".[5][6]



Mardin province is dividit intae 10 destricts (caipital destrict in 'bauld):


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Coordinates: 37°21′47″N 40°54′31″E / 37.36306°N 40.90861°E / 37.36306; 40.90861