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Marco Polo (1254 - 8 Januar 1324) wis an Italian merchant. He gaed ti Cheenae durin the Mongol Dynasty. He wis weelkent acause Europeans foond the accoont o his traivels ti be gey interestin an unco. Westren fowk in thae days didna ken the Eastren world.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo - costume tartare.jpg
Polo weirin a Tatar outfit, date o prent unkent
Born 1254
presumably Venice, Republic o Venice
Died 8 Januar 1324(1324-01-08) (aged 69–70)
Venice, Republic o Venice
Restin place
Kirk o San Lorenzo
45°26′14″N 12°20′44″E / 45.4373°N 12.3455°E / 45.4373; 12.3455
Naitionality Italian
Thrift Merchand, explorer, writer
Kent for The Traivels o Marco Polo
Hauf-marrae(s) Donata Badoer
Childer Fantina, Bellela an Moretta
Parents Mither: Nicole Anna Defuseh
Faither: Niccolò Polo

Antrin scholars thinks that Marco Polo gaed ti Cheenae, but didna gang til aa the places spikken aboot in his beuk.