Keeng o Ingland

Early Monarchs eedit

Kings o Ingland didnae rule the hil' o the country til' 927 wi' Athelstan o' Ingland. Some people say thit' the first king wis Alfred the Great bit' seence he wis first ti' rule thi' entire island he will be the first on this leest.

Hoos' o Wessex eedit

Aethelstan 924-927 (as Anglo-Saxon king) 927-939 (as Inglish king)

Edmund I 939-946

Eadred 946-955

Eadwig 955-959

Edgar I 959-975

Edward 975-978 (thi' Martyr)

Aethelred 978-1013, 1013-1016

Hoos' o Denmark eedit

Sweyn 1013-1014

Hoos' o Wessex (restored) eedit

Athelred 978-1013, 1013-1016

Edmund II 1016-1016

Hoos' o Denmark (restored) eedit

Cnut 1016-1035 (thi' Great)

Harold I 1035-1040

Harthacnut 1040-1042

Hoos' o Wessex (restored, seecond time) eedit

Edward 1042-1066 (thi' Confeesir)

Harold II 1066-1066

Edgar II 1066-1066

Hoos' o Normandy eedit

William I 1066-1087 (thi' Baestird) (thi' Conqueror) (thi' Taker)

William II 1087-1100 (thi' Reid) (Rufus)

Henry I 1100-1135

Hoos' o Blois eedit

Stephen 1135-1154, Co-keeng (Eustace IV) 1152-1153

Matilda (disputed) 1141-1141

Hoos' o Anjou eedit

Henry II 1154-1189

Richard I 1189-1199 (thi' Lionheart) (the Lion)

John 1199-1216 (Lackland)

Louis 1216-1217 (thi' Lion) (disputed)

Hoos' o Plantagenet eedit

Henry III 1216-1272

Edward I 1272-1307 (Longshanks)

Edward II 1307-1327 (Prood' Edward)

Edward III 1327-1377

Richard II 1377-1399

Hoos' o Lancaster eedit

Henry IV 1399-1413 (Bollingbroke)

Henry V 1413-1422 (thi' Star o Ingland)

Henry VI 1422-1461

Hoos' o York eedit

Edward IV 1461-1470

Hoos' o Lancaster (restored) eedit

Henry VI 1470-1471

Hoos' o York (restored) eedit

Edward IV 1471-1483

Edward V 1483-1483

Richard III 1483-1485

Hoos' o Tudor eedit

Henry VII 1485-1509

Henry VIII 1509-1547

Edward VI 1547-1553

Jane 1553-1553 (disputed)

Mary I 1553-1558 & Phillip 1554-1558

Elizabeth I 1558-1603 (thi' Virgin)

Hoos' o Stewart/Stuart eedit

James I 1603-1625 (fi' 1567 as keeng o' Scotland)

Charles I 1625-1649

Loard Proteecters eedit

Oliver Cromwell 1653-1658

Richard Cromwell 1658-1659

Hoos' o Stewart/Stuart (restored) eedit

Charles II 1660-1685

James II 1685-1688

Mary II 1689-1694

William III 1689-1694, 1694-1702

Anne 1702-1707 (-1714 as queen o Unitit Kinrick)