Columbus is the caipital an lairgest city o the U.S. state o Ohio, the state's third lairgest metropolitan area ahint Cincinnati an Cleveland, an the fowert lairgest city in the American Midwest. It is the coonty seat o Franklin Coonty,[1] yet the city haes expandit an annexed portions o adjoinin Delaware Coonty an Fairfield Coonty. Named for explorer Christopher Columbus, the city wis foondit in 1812 at the confluence o the Scioto an Olentangy rivers, an assumed the functions o state caipital in 1816. The ceety haes a diverse economy based on eddication, government, insurance, bankin, fashion, defense, aviation, fuid, logistics, steel, energy, medical research, heal care, hospitality, retail, an technology.


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Coordinates: 39°59′N 82°59′W / 39.983°N 82.983°W / 39.983; -82.983