Cheenese Ceevil War

The Cheenese Ceevil War wis a ceevil war focht atween the Kuomintang (KMT or Cheenese Naitionalist Pairty), the governin pairty o the Republic o Cheenae an the Communist Pairty o Cheenae (CPC).[6] The war began in Aprile 1927, amidst the Northren Expedition.[7] The war representit an ideological split atween the Wastren-supportit Naitionalist KMT, an the Soviet-supportit Communist CPC. In mainland Cheenae the day, the war is mair commonly kent as the War o Liberation.

Cheenese Ceevil War

Clockwise frae the tap: Communist troops at the Battle o Siping, Muslim soldiers o the NRA, Mao Zedong in the 1930s, Chiang Kai-shek inspectin soldiers, CCP general Su Yu investigatin the front field shortly afore the Menglianggu Campaign
Date12 Aprile 1927 – September 1937[1]
31 Mairch 1946 – 1 Mey 1950[2][nb 1]

Republic o Cheenae

(For fichtin atween factions o the KMT in 1930, see Central Plains War)

Communist Pairty

 Republic o Cheenae on Taiwan
 Fowkrepublic o Cheenae
Commanders an leaders

Chiang Kai-shek
Bai Chongxi
Chen Cheng
Li Zongren
Yan Xishan
He Yingqin
Wang Yaowu
Wei Lihuang
Fu Zuoyi
Liu Chih
Sun Li-jen
Du Yuming
Xue Yue
Zhang Xueliang

Feng Yuxiang (until 1930)

Mao Zedong
Zhu De
Peng Dehuai
Lin Biao
Liu Bocheng
Zhou Enlai
Chen Yi
Deng Xiaoping
Nie Rongzhen
Su Yu
Chen Geng
Xu Xiangqian
Ye Fei
He Long

Ye Ting

4,300,000 (July 1945)[4]

3,650,000 (Juin 1948)
1,490,000 (Juin 1949)

1,200,000 (Julie 1945)[4]

2,800,000 (Juin 1948)
4,000,000 (Juin 1949)
Casualties an losses
~1.5 million (1945–1949)[5] ~250,000 (1945–1949)[5]

1928–1936: ~2 million Militar Casualties

1945–1949: ~6 million[5]

The civil war continued intermittently till the Seicont Sino-Japanese War interruptit it, resultin in the twa pairties formin a Seicont Unitit Front. Japan's campaign wis defeatit in 1945, markin the end o Warld War II, an Cheenae's full-scale ceevil war resumed in 1946. Efter a further fower years, 1950 saw a cessation o major military hostilities—wi the newly foondit Fowkrepublic o Cheenae controllin mainland Cheenae (includin Hainan Island), an the Republic o Cheenae's jurisdiction bein restrictit tae Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu an several ootlyin Fujianese islands. Tae this day, syne nae armistice or peace treaty haes iver been signed, thare is controversy as tae whether the Ceevil War haes legally endit.[8] The day, the twa sides o the Taiwan strait hae close economic ties.[9]

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  1. The conflict did nae hae an offeecial end date. However, historians generally agree that the war subsided efter the fall o Hainan, the KMT's last major stranghauld near the mainland.[3]

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