The Kuomintang o Cheenae[5][6] (KMT, or Guomindang an GMD by its Pinyin transleeteration, an aa translatit as the Cheenese Naitionalist Pairty[7]) haes historically been the rulin poleetical pairty o the Republic o Cheenae on Mainland Cheenae an the island o Taiwan.

Kuomintang o Cheenae
Zhōngguó Guómíndǎng
ChairpersonWu Den-yih
Secretar-GeneralMo Tien-hu
Foondit24 November 1894 (as Revive Cheenae Society)
20 August 1905 (as Tongmenghui)
25 August 1912 (as Kuomintang)
8 Julie 1914 (as Cheenese Revolutionary Pairty)
10 October 1919 (as Kuomintang o Cheenae)
HeidquartersNo.232~234, Sec. 2, BaDe Rd., Zhongshan Destrict, Taipei, Republic o Cheenae[1]
NewspaperCentral Daily News,
Kuomintang News Network
Think tankNaitional Policy Foondation
Membership  (2018)1,090,000[2]
IdeologyThree Principles o the Fowk,
Cheenese naitionalism,
Cheenese reunification,
Socialism an Anti-communism (heestorical)
Poleetical poseetionCentre-richt tae Richt-weeng[3][4]
Internaitional affiliationInternaitional Democrat Union
Colours     Blue
Legislative Yuan
39 / 113
Municipal Mayoralties
3 / 6
Ceety Mayoralties an Coonty Magistracies
12 / 16
Local Cooncillors
394 / 912
Tounship Chiefs
83 / 204
Party flag
Kuomintang o Cheenae
"Kuomintang (Guómíndǎng)" in Tradeetional (tap) an Simplifee'd (bottom) Cheenese characters
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese中國國民黨
Simplified Chinese中国国民党
Leeteral meanin"Cheenae Naition-Fowk Pairty"
Abbreviatit tae
Traditional Chinese國民黨
Simplified Chinese国民党
Tibetan name

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