This box shaws the colour blue.

Blue is ane o the colours o the rainbow that fowk can see. It is ane o the three tradeetional primary colours, alang wi reid an yellae. It haes the shortest wavelenth o thae colours (aboot 470 nanometres).

Blue is the colour o the yird's lift an sea.

Meanin o Blue


It is aften associate wi deepth an stability. It seembolises trust, lealtie, wiceheid, confidence, intelligence, faith, trowth, an heiven.

Blue is considered beneficial tae the mynd an bouk. It slaws a body's metabolism an produces a caumin effect. Blue is strangly associate wi tranquility an caumness. In heraldry, blue is uised tae seembolize piety an sincerity.

Blue is a masculine colour; accordin tae studies, it is heichly accepted amang males. Daurk blue is associate wi deepth, expertise, an stability; it is a preferred colour for corporate Americae.

Licht blue is associate wi halth, healin, tranquility, unnerstaundin, an lown.

Daurk blue represents kennin, pouer, integrity, an seriousness.

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