Orange (colour)

This box shaws the colour orange.

Orange is a colour. It is the combination o reid an yellae.

Tae the ee o a body, orange is a gey "hot" colour, sae it gies the sensation o heat. Naetheless, orange isna as aggressive as reid. Orange increases oxygen supply tae the harn, produces an invigoratin effect, an stimulates mental activity. As a citrus colour, orange is associate wi healthy fuid an stimulates appetite. Orange is the colour o the hairst. In heraldry, orange is seembolic o strenth an endurement. Orange is the colour o the oranger fruit.

Orange haes gey heich visibility, sae fowk can uise it tae catch attention a highlicht the maist important elements o thair design. Orange is gey effective for promotin fuid products an toys. On road signs, the colour orange means there is construction wirk aheid. It is uised for these signs acause it can eithly be seen e'en at nicht.

Daurk orange can mean deceivery an mislippen. Reid-orange corresponds tae desire, sexual passion, pleasur, domination, aggression, an thirst for action. Gowd evokes the feelin o prestige. The meanin o gowd is illumination, wiceheid, an walth. Gowd aften seembolizes heich quality.

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