name for bipedal primates belangin tae the mammalian genus Homo
(Reguidit frae Body)

Bodies ar bipedal primates belangin tae the mammalian genus Homo (fae Laitin: Hūmānō or "the same") in the faimily Hominidae (the great apes).[1][2] Compeart wi ither genus', bodies hae unco developit harns capable o abstract raesonin, leid, an introspection. This mental capabeelitie, soudered wi an erect bouk cairiage that frees thair ower limms fer maneepulatin objects, haes alloud bodies tae mak faur mair uiss o tuils than onie ither genus. DNA evidents suggests that "modren" bodies (aft times cawd "Humans" in Ingils) oreeginatit in Africae aboot 200,000 year syne.[3] Bodies nou wone in aw continents an in laich Yird orbit, wi the hail nummer o indwallers ower 7.2 thoosand million as o December 2015.[4]


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