A primate is a mammal o the order Primates (Listeni/prˈmtz/ pry-MAY-teez; Laitin: "prime, first rank").[2][3]

Temporal range: PaleocenePresent, 55–0 Ma
Some primate families, frae top tae bottom: Daubentoniidae, Tarsiidae, Lemuridae, Lorisidae, Cebidae, Callitrichidae, Atelidae, Cercopithecidae, Hylobatidae, Hominidae.
Scientific classification e
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Mammalia
Mirorder: Primatomorpha
Order: Primates
Linnaeus, 1758[1]
Range o primates (green)


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    Frae Auld French or Frenchprimat, frae a noun uise o Laitin primat-, frae primus ("prime, first rank")
  3. The singular primate wis derived via back-formation frae the Laitin inflectit form which Carl Linnaeus introduced in his influential 1758 10t edeetion o Systema Naturae acause he thocht this the "heichest" order o mammals.