Arish or el-Arīsh ([العريش Al ʿArīš] error: {{lang-xx}}: text haes italic markup (help)) is the caipital an lairgest ceety (wi 114,900 indwallers) o the Egyptian govrenorate o North Sinai, lyin on the Mediterranean coast o the Sinai peninsula, 344 kilometers (214 miles) northeast o Cairo. Al `Arīsh is distinguisht bi its clear blue water, widespread fruitful palmy wood on its coast, an its soft white sand. It haes a marina, an mony luxury hotels.

The ceety an aa haes some o the faculties o Suez Canal University.

El Arish is by a big wadi cried the Wadi el Arish, which receives flash flood water frae muckle o north an central Sinai.


Australian Light Horse camp beside the seaside at El Arish, 1915-18

The city grew around a Bedouin settlement near the ancient Ptolemaic Dynasty outpost of Rhinocolura. In the Middle Ages, pilgrims misidentified the site as the Sukkot of the Bible. Arīsh means "palm huts" in Arabic.

New fortifications war biggit at the oreeginal site bi the Ottoman Empire in 1560. During the Napoleonic Wars, the French laid siege tae the fort, which fell efter 11 days on Februar 19, 1799. The fort wis destroyed bi Breetish bombers during World War I.

On December 8, 1958, an air battle occurred atween Egyptian an Israeli air forces ower Al Ariesh [1].

El Arish wis unner military occupation bi Israel frae 1967 tae 1979 an briefly in 1956. It wis returned tae Egyp in 1979 efter the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty. An increasingly popular tourist destination, El Arish is situatit at 31°07′N 33°48′E / 31.117°N 33.800°E / 31.117; 33.800.


The ceety is served bi El Arish Internaitional Airport. The northren coast hieway in Egyp (North Sinai pairt) links Qantara at Suez Canal (in the wast) tae Gaza strip mairch passin bi Al Arish. The railwey line frae Cairo is an aa unner re-construction an it recently reached the "Ser an Qawarir zone" wast o Al 'Arish. This route wis umwhile pairt o the Palestine Railway biggit durin Warld War I an Warld War II tae connect Egyp wi Turkey. The railwey wis cut durin the formation o Israel. The North Sinai is a milestane for the Egyptian govrenment planners tae re-distribute the hie-density population in the Delta, an it is expectit that bi accomplishin the transportation an irrigation projects, 3 million Egyptians will settle in North Sinai.

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Coordinates: 31°08′N 33°48′E / 31.13°N 33.8°E / 31.13; 33.8