The Alps are ane o the great muntain range seestems o Europe stretchin approximately 1,200 kilometre (750 mi) athort aicht Alpine kintras frae Austrick an Slovenie in the east, Swisserland, Liechtenstein, Germany, an Fraunce tae the wast, an Italy an Monaco tae the sooth.[1]

Mont Blanc oct 2004.JPG
Mont Blanc, the heichest muntain in the Alps
Heichest pynt
PeakMont Blanc
Elevation4,810.45 m (15,782.3 ft)
Coordinates45°50′01″N 06°51′54″E / 45.83361°N 6.86500°E / 45.83361; 6.86500
Alpenrelief 01.jpg
Relief o the Alps. See an aa cairt wi internaitional borders marked
Range coordinates46°30′20″N 09°19′49″E / 46.50556°N 9.33028°E / 46.50556; 9.33028Coordinates: 46°30′20″N 09°19′49″E / 46.50556°N 9.33028°E / 46.50556; 9.33028
OrogenyAlpine orogeny
Age o rockTertiary
Teep o rockBündner schist, flysch and molasse


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